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What is the VolumaLift™ Treatment?

 What happens when we age?

How is the VolumaLift™ treatment performed?

How long does the VolumaLift™ take to perform?

Is the VolumaLift™ painful?

Are there any risks to VolumaLift™?

Can I combine my VolumaLift™ with other procedures?
What happens when we age?

As we age our facial skin and soft tissue undergoes the "3 Ds" of aging deterioration (wrinkles, pores, texture, brown and red pigmentation), descent (droopiness of the soft tissue) and deflation (loss of the above supportive fat buttresses). For skin deterioration, we have the FotoFacial RF®, Botox®, SonoPeel™, SonoFacial™, intradermal fillers and medical skin care. For descent, we have ThreadLift™ and/or Thermage® and FotoFacial RF®. For deflation, the VolumaLift™.

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