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What is the VolumaLift™ Treatment?

What happens when we age?

 How is the VolumaLift™ treatment performed?

How long does the VolumaLift™ take to perform?

Is the VolumaLift™ painful?

Are there any risks to VolumaLift™?

Can I combine my VolumaLift™ with other procedures?
How is the VolumaLiftTM treatment performed?

Your VolumaLift™ physician or health care professional will take an injectable gel product (Restylane®, Juvederm®, Hylaform, Bio-Alcamid™, etc) and inject specific amounts of the product into the specific fat buttress regions, restoring the 3 dimensional structure to the soft tissue envelope, plumping out, filling and lifting the overlying facial skin and restoring the attractive "fullness of youth."

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